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The Wonder of Wakanda!

February 12, 2018

The majesty, the magic, the MARVELoushness (yes new word and I claim it!) of a sacred place protected by melenated superheros has the bulk of us at the edge of our seats, well dressed and ready to see all that is Wakanda. And why not? Imagery is EVERYTHING! To see and take in powerful images of our most seasoned actors and actresses be personified in Kingdom and Queendom on the world stage on every continent and planet beaming in the galaxy puts the world and melanated people on notice: we are here, were not going anywhere, and we are RISING! This powerful messaging takes a leap further by showcasing excellency in every genre and industry reminds US and the world (the United who Stand) of our greatness when media is saturated with criminal perceptions of deviance and social degredation of melanted people who are mentally, spiritually, and economically traumatized by colonization and white supremacy from every corner of the earth. Powerful and positive imagery impregnates youth with seeds of confidence and excellency while inspiring every generation to RISE!


How can one movie be such a game changer? Well have you noticed more pomp and circumstance surrounding a movie release in your lifetime other than the excitement of having our first official black president elected? I have not, and certaintly not to the extent that wardrobes were planned months in advance for the premiere. You have to love this energy! What can we do with all this momentum? Not let it die. Take the same momentum and apply to areas of needed change to change our reality as people of color. Continue to dress up and show up for change. Continue to be excellent examples living the principles of Kwanzaa 365 days of the year! 


Ok. Im jumping off my soapbox for a moment, however, i am living and breathing Wakanda for the rest of the month and in my mind and spirit  for the remainder of my life. In the meantime, if you have not gotten your wardrobe configured, here are a few of our Wakanda inspired accessories from the boutique we recommend for your return to Wakanda

(pssst....we'll see you on the royal carpet):












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