10 Things EVERY StyleKeeper Should Do NOW!

January 23, 2018

Are you a StyleTribe StyleKeeper? Dont know the answer, check yourself and step up to be one! We are our SisStar's Keeper! 

Take the StyleTribe Oath, cross your heels and repeat after me:

1) Thou shalt NOT let thy SisStar step out unchecked (i.e. ashy elbows, strand of hair out of place, lint on jacket, fallen eyelash, lipstick on teeth, etc.-See Oprah/Gayle video below)!

2) Thou shalt make sure thyself and thy SisStar SLAY together ALWAYS!

3) Thou shalt recommend thy stylist when NEEDED!

4) Thou shalt represent the StyleTribe, the Queendom, and thy Goddesshood to the FULLEST!

5) Thou shalt be styled from thy INSIDE out (feel good look good, self care)!


6) Thou shalt compliment thy fellow SisStar with love, NO jealousy!


7) Thou shall wear thy smile and confidence EVERYDAY!


8) Thou shalt wear CUSTOM fitted garments, as every Queen is custom made : )


9) Thou shalt be AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL in style and fashion!


10) Thou shalt be the BEST version of thyself, and spread love, its the Queen's way!


Your SisStar in the Pursuit of all things Royal,

Ngome LifeStyle




Oprah & Gayle are Official StyleKeepers:







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