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Unapologetically Feminine

May 4, 2017

Wonderous, captivating, divinely delicious.

The double X chromosome is the beauty of the world.

The matriarchal mother of civilization.

Goddess, Queen, Empress, Lioness, Mother, Muva, Grand Dame

whichever linguistic moniker satisfies your fancy,

We honor the tribe she come from and calls forth.

What makes her and what defines her, is her story.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the mess, the stress,

the love, the hate, its all there,

uniquely feminine, unapologetically so.....


Expressed through pain and pleasure.

Outwardly and inwardly

We gather up our loins

in the midst of struggle and strife

we confidently eat our scars for breakfast

Devouring our imperfections for dinner

regurgitating something beyond majestic and beautiful.

Prowess is unmatched,

thirsts quenchable,  

power beset with grace.


We rise, we fall. We shine, we dull.

Illuminating excellence, moving in divine light

Spreading love like droplets of Frankincense

our Feminine essence rises like Nigrecense

Elevation to make royals out of peasants

Giving third worlds blessed Nations


Maya, Lena, Rosa, Harriet, Ida,

Dorothy, Coretta, Betty, Nina, Phyllis, 

Fashioned in the image of the Most High

Unapologetically feminine...........


To be continued..........


Ngome LifeStyle








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Unapologetically Feminine

May 4, 2017

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