Don't Call it a Comeback......Dashikis are here to Stay!

March 13, 2017

Don't call it a comeback, they been here for years.........! Dashiki print hands down has been one of the most coveted looks from street style to runway, to prom, and politics! I cannot think of a staple, style, or statement piece more memorable, coveted, and controversial than the Dashiki. A little bit of history, the print was made even more popular during the civil rights movement of the 60's in the US in opposition to the status quo. Its beginnings go earlier with the actual print having origins in India which gained traction in many parts of Africa and known as Angelina print in many parts of Africa depending on geographics.


Fast forward to contemporary fashion, movement in social consiousness, and more cultural forms of self expression, self acceptance, and global solidarity, Dashiki or Angelina print has become universally iconic. After all, the fabric itself is an intricate design of ancient aesthetic which lulls you to feel empowered to wear it symbolically with pride no matter who or where you are. 


Beyond the traditional Dashiki style tunic, which take son double menaing referring to both the style and fabric print, has been the transformation of the print in non-traditional styles. As for our style forecast, Dashiki's will never go out of style as it has transcended both time and style to take on a unique identity and meaning all in a class of its own.


Here are a few of our favorite Dashiki styles worn fiercely and proudly by style icons, global influencers, and African inspired brands:



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Unapologetically & Royally yours


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