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Our Ancestor's Wildest Dreams: Ava DuVernay

February 28, 2017

Ava is simply black girl magic in the flesh, bringing alongside her a sistren tribe of  fearless black women in arts and cinema. What a breathe of fresh air to breathe in all of this melanin melange of excellence! Owww! Aside from making important films such as Selma and 13,  from a black narrative, Ava is bodly using her platform to excercise freedom of speech, freedom of confidence, and freedom of expression, UNAPOLOGETICALLY! For this, we love her even more. When one woman chooses, she makes space for more to follow her lead......


Why Ava matters:


1) Queen Sugar, a chocolate, epic tale of land, love, and legacy on a whole new level. Delivering a stellar cast of rising and veteran stars in a compelling drama that makes you want to raise hell and sugar cane in NOLA! 



2) Ava slayed and served on this month's issue of Essence, her signature smirk keeps us guessing "whats next Queen?",  knowing she's a serious chess player when it comes to the film industry.



 3) She uses her voice and her platform to speak unapologetic TRUTH to POWER!



4) She uses fashion to make political and socially conscious statements that make you think, challenge the way you feel and may even make you uncomfortable.



Her Oscar gown was designed by a Muslim Lebanese designer, Ashi Studio, worn in her own words as "a small sign of solidarity."



5) Lastly, she is our Ancestors wildest dreams! 



She continues to move us and inspire us to be greater by simply being great, demonstrating excellence, disturbing the status quo, while moving and shaking unapologetically!


The Ancestors are smiling.



Queen Salute,


Ngome LifeStyle


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