Cut from a Different Cloth-5 Ways to Rock Ankara Prints

February 20, 2017

Hey StyleTribe!


A minimalist I am not, a color enthusiast and patternista ABSOLUTELTY! I am a woman of color who happens to love fashion, prints, and colors. I have my minimalist days according to how my energy swings and may wear a solid color or 2 color combo with bold accessories. For quick fits, denim, grey, skirts, and Ankara patterns are my go-to’s. 


Ankara prints or African Wax prints have been on the fashion scence for decades. In recent years the patterns have taken on a global phenomenon. What makes the prints unique are their cultural aesthetic and kinship to Africa. A sorted history of the exact origins whether from Africa or India, leave little doubt for the impact and role Africa has played in the cultivation and overall success of the fabrics. Pattern motifs and symbols are interpreted with an African worldview lending credence to not just being about fashion but about pride, culture, and connection. Literally cut from a different cloth. Adinkra symbols often give meaningul significance beyond the colors and ornate wax resist process. 

With a little history lesson, wearing the fabrics proudly and bodly should now give you even more confidence. For many, patterns can be intimidating, overwhelming, or down right out of one’s comfort zone. For ease and grace, here are five quick ways to rock your Ankara prints (we will share more later in our upcoming Ebook):


1. Wear with denim (whether top or bottom) denim puts a classic yet contemporary spin on the fabric along with a clean cut look.






2. Wear prints with white (bottom or top) white give a crisp, refreshing, and well put together look with very little effort. Keep a crisp white shirt or white pants, well laundered, well fitted handy to make it easier to pull right out of the closet for an effortless look




3. Head to toe Ankara, this is not for the faint at heart, to pull this off, your confidence and fit of your garment must be checked off.  I have found this to look beautiful with pants suits and dresses.




4. Accessories. If your not quite ready to wear one piece, a whole piece, or reluctant about how patterns may look on you, try a statement piece accessory. Warning, you will likely be complimented so much it will whisk you right into wearing a full piece with grace and ease.









5. Headwraps. Get a print that resonated with you and rock with your favorite outfit and watch heads turn!



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