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The New Queen

February 6, 2017

Who is the New Queen and what does she represent? The era of selfies, info circles, influence, and a consistently evolving global zeitgeist has produced a new breed of Queens. To begin is to pay homage to all Queens, past and present who laid the foundation and paid a heavy price. As Dr. Maya Angelou so elequently stated "Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it."


The New Queen is the epitome of a new standard of beauty, reigning unapologetically, armed with knowledge of herself, herstory, her power and influence. The New Queen is diverse, multifaceted, globally and socially engaged, and is redifining fashion on every level. Wearing her crown with honor and flair whether it be a natural coif, locs, headwrap, wig, hairpiece, or bald. Each coil or each inch of scalp she rocks, represents her strength to be who she chooses to be. "Dont touch my Hair", by Solange, gives us permission to say,"think before you touch."  A style icon in her own right, she dances to the beat of her own drum clad in nostalgic and vintage classics that  keep us wanting more.


The surge of Africa inspired designers continues to expand to keep up with the demand, largely due to platforms such as Shop Zuvaa which provide a global platform to showcase Africa inspired fashion. The colors we are drawn to, are what our spirits yearned for, something beyond conventional Western style influences. Clothing and accessories designed with us in mind. Clothing that speaks to the spirit in ways we never imagined because for a time it was non existent, largely ignored, or worse not supported. Now we bodly wear our colors, defying all conventional fashion trends to make unforgettable style statements which keep heads turning and wondering.


"The booty dont lie", a line from Q.U.E.E.N., by Janelle Monae reminds us to honor our prized possessions while moving powerfully in our uniqueness. Hidden Figures, unearthed the forgotten sister tribe of mathematical genuises who helped propell man into space. Most importantly, the New Queen is inspiring and initiating a whole generation of Queens to find the way to their thrones. So when we say "Queen" it never gets old, it is not overrated, it is simply a standard we are called to, to rise to, and to inspire those young Queens behind us. Ode to the New Queen, present and future.


By Donellia L. Chives

Founder, Ngome Lifestyle

Lifestyle Curator



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