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Our Sacred Goddess Box is just what it says! Our exclusive box which embodies the ultimate in femininity. Our Sacred oil, sage, pink and pearl Ghanian waist bead, and Inner Goddess candle set the tone for sacred time, sacred healing, and sensuality! Perfect for V-day, self love, and the perfect gift to honor your fellow Queen! Valued at over $70, the Sacred Goddess Box contains: 1 Inner Goddess Candle valued at $241 Pink/Pearl Ghanian waist bead valued at $251 Sage bundle valued at $61 Vanilla Musk or Water Goddess insatiable fragrance oil valued at $154 tea bags of Moon Goddess Rising tea $61 Rose Quartz stone $101 Goddess card valued at $5 Waist beads are an African and global tradition in many countries which are believed to support womb wellness, fertility, and divine femininity.  Our Inner Goddess candle is an intimate and sensual candle which pleases the senses with notes of fig, black currant, sandalwood, and Amber.  Sage is an ancient herb used for smudging for protection and to clear negative energy Our insatiable oils are tantilizing and rich in premium grade fragrant essential oilsRose Quartz stone for vibrational healing of the heartMoon Goodess Rising tea (4 bags) for ultimate feminine healing and womb restoration during moon cycle or menopause  Our featured Goddess card is perfect writing your sacred affirmations, love note, or frame for added decor to your sacred space

Sacred Goddess Box